Monday, June 28, 2010

Unable to access mailbox after migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

I migrated 400 users this weekend to Exchange 2010. The migration seems like the migration went well, since all the move requests came out 100% completed and no one reported any errors. But something didn’t go successfully as reported…..

Right now I have completed troubleshooting an issue where a migrated user was not able to access his mailbox. The users who by the move request report went successful, but not all of the AD attributes were updated.

This is an excerpt of the migration log:
Status : Completed
StatusDetail : Completed
SourceVersion : Version 0.0 (Build 7638.0)
SourceDatabase : exchange2003server\Storage Group\DBname
TargetVersion : Version 14.0 (Build 639.0)
TargetDatabase : 2010-databasename
MoveServerName : fqdn.servername
TotalMailboxSize : 2.951 GB (3,168,187,842 bytes)
TotalMailboxItemCount : 21074
BytesTransferred : 2.717 GB (2,917,612,755 bytes)
ItemsTransferred : 20958
PercentComplete : 100

I then did a get-mailbox username and this gave me the following result:

And this is strange, the log says it completed successfully, but AD says it’s on the Ex2003 server.

I then did | fl to get some more info, and the recipient type and recipient type details returned usermailbox, the Exchange version on the user was 0.10( And all these values were correct compared to the migration log.
The only attributes that was wrong on the user object was serverlegacyDN and Servername where it pointed to the Ex2003 server and Ex2003 administrative group.

This pointed me to something going wrong in Active Directory, at the current moment.
I went in to Active Directory with ADSI edit and changed the following attributes
HomeMDB and mdexchhomeservername to the new Exchange 2010 paths.

After changing this to the correct values, the mailbox worked as normal, and the get-mailbox username returned the correct value on servername and serverlegacyDN

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