Thursday, September 15, 2011

UAG NLB VIP error code 0xC0040352

Today I troubleshoot a UAG NLB installation. Creating the array was no problem, but I was unable to assign the external VIP on in the NLB. But I was able to assing it to the internal NIC....
The error that was given to me was:

NLB Settings could not be configured (0xC0040352).

After some troubleshooting, I found this page:
which gave an description of the error message:

"The specified virtual IP address VirtualIpAddress is not contained in the NetworkName network, in which the Network Load Balancing cluster resides."

I ran the network assignment wizard again and verified that the external nic was tagged as external, and the internal nic was tagged as internal, and that the IP addresses was correct.
Still no go!

I stated the TMG config tool, and under networks I found that on the internal Network that and IP range for 1-127 was added with all the defined internal networks.

I cleaned up all the addresses that not is internal, saved the config, and started the UAG NLB wizard again.

It now worked like a charm!

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