Friday, September 14, 2012

Enterprise Vault Client and Outlook 2013

Today I needed an attachment in my Outlook 2013, but the attachment was archived with Enterprise Vault. And I’m quite feed up for the need to use OWA to get my attachments.

As we all know, Symantec are quite slow to support new software, and to release updates and betas to support new software like Office 2013.

So I decided to install the EV client 10.0.0 on my Win8 computer with Office 2013. A walk in the park J

This is the way I did it:
  1. Get hold of the .msi file for the Outlook EV Client
  2. Edit the .msi in Orca, and find the following tables:
  3. Table: InstallUISequence and remove the following row: ErrOutlook11NotInstalled
  4. Table: ReqLocator and change the following keys to Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook (Should be 2 entries)
  5. Save .msi
  6. Install .msi with privileges
  7. Start Outlook and verify that the plugin is visible in Outlook
  8. You are now able to restore the archived e-mails. Nothing else works, so OWA is still neded to search the Archive :(





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